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JOIN US! Enter the Galaxies Reborn Forums & become a member!

Why should I choose Galaxies Reborn to play the Star Wars Galaxies Emu? I magine if you will, being a player that has chosen a less populated SWG ANH server. Six months after you start playing SWG, you log in and find out that your emu server has closed down, because either that admin crew doesn't care or because players don't want to play on a laggy, empty emu server.

All of your hard work is gone.

Just like the CU. Just like the NGE.

You then find a list of the Star Wars Galaxies emu servers that remain, and see that this one is still going and more vibrant than ever, flooded with refugees from other collapsed SWG emu servers, because we have a lag-free environment and players are everywhere.

And you have to start over.

We are in this for the long haul. This server is provided to you, free of charge; however, it does cost us money to operate. How can we do it? Each of the staff are professional working people, and have dedicated part of our income to this. We have to, as our connection agreement requires a multi-year contract.

You have our solemn oath. This SWG ANH server will be the last galaxy standing. For the love of the game.

Our connection to the world
The main datacenter is located in the Chicago Board of Trading Building. It is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, and is fully redundant in its power supply, communications, and other amenities that include elaborate security and surveillance systems.

The Chicago board of trade has a built-in infrastructure of fiber optic raisers throughout its building which ensures easy delivery of any of many ISPs that are present in the building.

Our connection:
1 Gbit Port
Unmetered Transfer

We can host 3,000 players at once with no lag.
Galaxies Reborn is the land that lag forgot.

Legal issues

Is actually this particular lawful?
Yes. Your SWG emulator teams are usually composing their unique signal. Practically nothing belonging to SOE is it being used. This can be a non-commercial organization, in addition to given that zero costs are being charged, zero regulations are being cracked.

Why don't you consider us? Should i get involved problems for taking part in within this server?
No way. You purchased the experience which enable it to work with it when you want. There isn't any legislations requiring one to use SOE's hosts.

Why don't you consider an individual fellas? Would you get involved problems for hositng this particular online game?
No way. I am web host a personal server making use of independently created signal. Practically nothing many of us do has something about SOE, since confirmed through additional SOE online game emulators in addition to all of the Amazing emulators in which however perform.
Your Galaxies Reborn Administrator has see the aspects of your copyright laws take action in which applies to us in addition to this is precisely why we're safe:
copyright laws is out there to stop some others from producing copies associated with operates in which remain in many people in addition to disseminating these people for profit

I am not really duplication something belonging to SOE or perhaps L . A .
I am not really distrubiting any situation that sits in order to SOE or perhaps L . A .
I am not really creating profit from something belonging to SOE or perhaps L . A .

When you sign in in addition to engage in Legend Wars Galaxies, to see your landscape in addition to NPC's in addition to buildings -- all of that is conducted client side. Those photographs were created for the wearer's computer system. Anyone (you) has Covered that when you bought the experience. There isn't any legislations requiring one to use Sony's hosts. They've zero lawful power in order to force one to pay to work with their own hosts.

Your emu server in fact has almost no about precisely how 1 takes on the experience. Every time a gambler movements his or her figure in addition to a NPC spawns, which is the emu server showing your client to build a NPC based on facts previously fitted for the wearer's pc. If your emu server in fact made your photograph in the NPC using your laptop the experience will be so slow-moving in which it becomes un-playable, since all of that facts must end up being carried in the server over the web to your computer system, just like opening a new website page.
That's the magnificence of emulator. You don't have to backup any kind of SOE's signal in order to connect to litigant. Your SWG emu teams have inked specifically in which: created their unique signal in order to connect to your documents previously fitted for the wearer's pc.

Copyright laws legislations cannot employ here simply because:
There isn't any signal from Sony for the server
Your SWG online game documents in which make are usually fitted for the pc associated with a person whom taken care of the idea which enable it to do from it no matter what many people just like.

In the event many of us charged money, and then there would have been a different problem. In the event many of us offered the experience devices in the down-loadable structure, and then there would end up being a challenge. That's software piracy and we'll not really practice it.

Copyright laws are usually, in most cases, constantly in place to stop software helps make pirates from duplication in addition to selling operates that do not really remain in these people.

It is the arguable in which L . A . will be additional worried about your an incredible number of pirated copies associated with ep1-6 in existence than the usual handful of number of individuals making use of one thing many people don't provide as a support.

It's also been talked about in order to passing away for the emu online community -- there are two important problems here:
-- the consumer (you)
-- your host (BrokenSoldier)

There isn't any legislations requiring one to engage in about Sony's hosts. You taken care of the experience, you should utilize the idea nevertheless, you just like. And so when you would not steal the experience you're safe.

With the conclusion, your emu data source will not store virtually any Sony signal. Each of the manifestation is conducted client side. Each of the signal that may for the data source ended up being published by non-Sony individuals. And so given that many of us was making use of NO Sony signal -- they can not do something.

At this point many of us wind up in areas associated with purpose. Can it be the purpose in order to break legislation here? To help steal their own online game and find abundant down the idea? Naturally not really. I am not really gaining gain web host a free of charge SWG PRE CU emulator. And as everybody knows, copyright laws legislations, like the majority of legislations, will be created to defend profit.

You'll find two argments in which keep your legislations about the side:
-- Absolutely no profit is it being created (re fan films)
-- Absolutely no profit is it being recinded from Sony in addition to Lucasarts since pre-cu is no more time obtainable

Pre-cu signal will be abandonware. SWG Pre-cu doesnt occur anymore. Pre-cu seriously isn't gaining Sony money. Pre-cu will be by no means coming back. That they advise us on this each day for the SWG forums when among their own customers wants pre-cu.
Not like many AMAZING hosts which have been turn off -- we're not really replicating an engaged online game, nor are usually many of us asking for money.

All Trademarks on this web site are owned and copyrighted by their respective companies.
SOE and Sony are trademarks of Sony Inc. LucasArts, Star Wars, and related imagery are Trademarks of LucasArts Inc.


New SWGANH website

Published: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 16:10:41 +0000

We told you a few weeks ago about our new website. We are still working on a few details to make it more informative, and easier for everyone to get answers. Here is a screenshot of the main page. Enjoy

Whats going on at ANH?

Published: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 19:01:39 +0000

We have been in our summer mode for the last few months which means we all have been on vacations, out enjoying our summer, and spending time with our kids. We have been doing small things here and there, but we aren?t ready to divulge what we have been working on this summer. Don?t everyone [...]

there is another?

Published: Wed, 14 May 2008 17:20:37 +0000

Actually, there are 4 others - we’ve recently added 4 new developers to our team. We’d like to welcome Ramakin, Lordcorm, and Nelk, and welcome back Meanmon13! Ramakin joined us last month, and is working on coding new tools. Lordcorm, Meanmon13, and Nelk joined last Friday; they were all members of SWG Pre-CU. Lordcorm will be [...]

Concentrate? feel the Force flow?

Published: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 06:16:06 +0000

Hi All, Just a small tidbit this time around, demonstrating the attention to detail on the ANH server in replicating the original game… Anyways Concentrate & listen, and we hope you enjoy this short clip… Sights & Sounds of Bestine

We need your help

Published: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 18:58:24 +0000

Dear Community, We’re in need of your assistance with some data gathering, for anyone willing to help out, can you please ZIP / RAR up your \profiles folder from your old PRE-NGE SWG game and upload it to the following URL: Profiles Upload We need to get as many old (Pre-NGE) profiles as possible. Thank you in advance! SWGANH

Traveling through hyperspace isn?t like dusting crops, boy!

Published: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 16:39:16 +0000

Well it’s been a busy day today, and to close for the night, we thought we’d show off the travel system within the ANH Server. The clip is slightly longer then the others, because the shuttles wouldn’t cooperate in terms of landing / taking off time, but it just adds that extra bit to how [...]

When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master.

Published: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 19:14:34 +0000

Hey all, Figured we’d start off the week with a short clip from the ANH TC, featuring XP Gains, Skill Training as it once was, as well as some of the behind the scenes features that may be difficult to notice, but which happen in the background, features like proper Skill Mod assignments, Money Deductions… Hope [...]

Well, my little friend, you?ve got something jammed in here real?

Published: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 08:45:40 +0000

And here is the first of the new videos, just to give you folks a preview of what’s currently happening on the Test Center… ANH - Feature Video ANH - Feature Video (Stage6) (Note: Moved video to stage6.com thanks to Starko, stage6 retains the proper aspect ratio, although I left the original filefront link there as well, [...]